13 Nov 2020 Sweden has faced challenges concerning questions of recognition and Swedish context influence the degree of recognition in terms of em-.


To get the specialist qualification recognized in Sweden it is mandatory to work as a specialty resident/specialty trainee (ST-läkare) in Sweden for one or more 

Recognition of diplomas against the background of the integration process is the core of this article. Conditional. A vocational diploma gives access to higher education (first cycle programmes) only if supplemented with passing grades in the following courses: Swedish, or Swedish as a second language 2 and 3, and English 6. If the diploma fulfills the requirements for access to first cycle programmes this is indicated on the diploma. In Sweden’s case, the Bologna Process has led the parliament to ratify the Lisbon Convention, which entails reciprocal recognition of degrees in other countries.

Recognition diploma sweden

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Post-secondary vocational education diploma Swedish post-secondary vocational education UHR's recognition statement is the document that shows the equivalent to a foreign qualification in the Swedish educational system. It does not provide a Swedish qualification. The recognition statement is free of charge. Read more about how we evaluate a qualification No automatic recognition There is no automatic EU-wide recognition of academic diplomas. You may therefore need to go through a national procedure to get your academic degree or diploma recognised in another EU country, if you seek admission to a further course of study there.

Professional Recognition [MS Word, 135K] provides information and resources concerning the recognition on non-U.S. qualifications in the regulated professions, either in order to practice the profession in the United States or to enter advanced professional studies.

Depending on the professional activity, a different authority will be responsible for conferring such recognition. Holders of the diplomas from countries not listed above must complete the recognition process at the Department of Education (‘Kuratorium Oświaty’).

Recognition diploma sweden

This tool tells you what a foreign qualification is comparable to in Sweden. Download the assessment and use it when looking for employment or planning studies.

Migration and Recognition of Diplomas in Sweden Migration and Recognition of Diplomas in Sweden DINGU‐KYRKLUND, ELENA 2005-06-01 00:00:00 Introduction This article analyses in a comparative approach some problems raised by the evaluation of foreign higher education within the Swedish system and how it evolved during the last decade. Documentation proving that you meet the general entry requirements for bachelor’s ↗️ or master’s ↗️ programmes.

Recognition diploma sweden

Please have your qualification certificate or diploma authenticated in the country where the training The official languages of Finland are Finnish an 13 Nov 2020 Sweden has faced challenges concerning questions of recognition and Swedish context influence the degree of recognition in terms of em-. 23 Nov 2020 If your medical degree is from a EU country, your diploma would normally be recognized automatically, but it still needs to be submitted for  20 Jan 2021 The aim of a higher education is usually a degree. Since 1 July 2007 the Swedish higher education has gone through a radical reformation. Diploma Supplement will facilitate the recognition of the higher education&n 11 Apr 1997 Considering that the recognition of studies, certificates, diplomas and degrees obtained European Convention on the Equivalence of Diplomas leading to Admission to Universities (1953, ETS No. Sweden, 11 April 1997. 28 Jan 2021 To become a licensed veterinarian in Sweden you have to have a Degree in Veterinary Medicine.
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Recognition diploma sweden

Phone: 004021 405 5659 Fax: 004021 313 1013 E-mail: cnred@edu.gov.ro Link: Romanian, English, French Additional information: Refer to the Ministerial Act No. 4868/07.08.2006 regarding the Diploma Supplement.

Recognition of foreign qualifications The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) evaluates foreign qualifications in order to provide support for people looking for work in Sweden, people who wish to continue studying, or for employers who wish to employ someone with foreign qualifications. Use the Qualifications Assessment Tool Recognition of professional qualifications Europeans have the right to move freely within Europe, to reside in the various countries and to work, study or provide a service. A potential, and real, obstacle to this freedom are regulations within any one country which mean that only diplomas and other qualifications within that country are The vocational diploma can give access to higher education only if supplemented with passing grades in specified courses in Swedish and English. All upper secondary programmes have a duration of three years.
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The Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education is responsible for for coordinating and supporting a national framework for recognition of prior 

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